Christmas book sale

Hey everybody! My friend Paul Jessup is trying to raise money for Christmas, so he’s selling some books from his collection. He’s a really, really nice guy, an awesome writer and he’s selling some great books (including the ones he wrote). Here’s the list:


Star Dust – Neil Gaiman (1st edition hardcover, signed but not personalized) price is $70 (normally goes for $90 on ebay)

City of Saints and Madmen – Jeff Vandermeer (original hardcover by Prime Books, full illustrations, signed by Jeff Vandermeer) – $150

The Christmas Inn by Gene Wolf (limited, numbered hardcover, signed but not personalized) $20

PostScripts #10 – Signed by all authors, including me, Steven King and Joe Hill as well as others. Not personalized, but numbered limited slipcased hardcover edition. Price is $100 (normally goes for $300 on ebay)

3 Signed copies of my book, Werewolves- price $15 each. Can be personalized.

10 signed copies of Open Your Eyes (personalized to individual upon request) $10 a piece.

2 Signed (personalized upon request) of the short lived GrendelSong Magazine. Contains fiction by Ekaterina Sedia, poetry by Catherine Valante and others. $8 a piece.

If you’re interested in any of these, just drop an e-mailt to Paul ( You can donate too, if you want, via PayPal.


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