WorldCon or World Fantasy Con?

Time to decide. Which convention I should attend this year? WorldCon or World Fantasy Con?

Though I’m not sure I’ll have the money to face the trip (air travel in Brazil is very expensive), I’m working hard to go to one of these cons.

I want to meet my writer friends. Editors. Agents, maybe?

So. What are the pros and cons of each convention?

(wondering if enough people read this blog to generate a single comment)


4 thoughts on “WorldCon or World Fantasy Con?

  1. Given your stated goals, World Fantasy hands down.

    WorldCon is a lot of fun, but it’s fan-oriented. The industry pros are numerous but very diluted.

    World Fantasy is writer-oriented. The industry pros are usually a majority of those in attendance, and its not overwhelmingly large.

  2. WFC is a professional convention. There will be around 1000 people there, almost all of whom are professionals in the industry. It will be fairly easy to find fellow professionals. You may get on one panel if you are lucky. You’ll be at the bottom of the pecking order, but you’ll meet lots of important people. You will do business.

    Worldcon is a fan convention. Most of those 1000 people will be there, and a bunch more who regard themselves as SF rather than fantasy writers, but there will also be 3000+ fans, so finding your fellow professionals will be harder. They’ll be over the moon to have a Brazilian they can put on panel (ask Cristina about Australia). You will get to attend the Hugo ceremony (the World Fantasy Awards Banquet is expensive and generally has bad food, though you can sneak in at the end to see the announcements). You will have fun, but doing business will be more difficult.

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